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Entry #4

Alright, soo....

2009-10-25 14:32:37 by TheManolantern

Alright, looks like im gonna have more time to do some stuff.

Ive taken over my computer science class again this year, which means that i have the first (or last) period of my day to work on flash. This added to the fact i know get three days off a week I might be able to work on some stuff ive had on hold.

Coming up is a zombie survival guide/story.

I know what your thinking.

"Wow, what an asshole. How many of these do we need on this site? Fail."

But i have to make one for class and im actually gonna make it pretty decent. Now that I know hot to use photo shop effectivly (enough), ive been able to make some neat stuff to encorperate into flash.

Anyways, cheerio.


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